“When Does It Stop Hurting??”

I have heard it all at this point. “If you love something (or someone) set it free,” “It’s better to have love and lost,” etc. I don’t know if these old expressions are true statements. In fact it almost seems impossible because every human being is different. Every situation is different, or even unique. In my current situation, it feels like it’s getting worse with time as opposed to getting better. All of the fears and concerns I have had have all become reality!! To go from being someone’s “happiness” to being invisible and irrelevant is not just painful but traumatic!! Being powerless to change it makes me feel very helpless. It doesn’t seem possible at this point for me to get through this, it feels truly hopeless!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to truly love again. I can’t see myself being able to trust again. I’m hurting every conscious moment of every day and what makes this situation even stranger is that I feel guilty and selfish about feeling this way!! I can’t let go, even though the choice has already been made for me!! I’ve got zero passion for life. I’m confused, or in denial, or both!! I understand that I’m not entitled to any sort of closure, no one is. But god damn this was the love of my life!! I don’t know anymore. Never has moving on been so fucking difficult!! 


Author: jfranchise87

I'm just an average guy who is always looking to express himself and his creativity. I enjoy writing, I am an avid reader and love to learn new things everyday.

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