“From Important To Irrelevant”

In late October 2016, the former love of my life and I were weeks into our relationship. With her being from Iraq and only being in the States for 3 years or so, the culture differences alone was intimidating at times. Add to the fact that she’s super shy, and introverted, and for reasons I can’t discuss, she’s scared of people and social settings. Not to mention the fact that her first boyfriend and romantic experience was with an outsider, she had a lot of anxiety going on. This led to an anxiety attack, at work!! My co-workers were all awesome that day!! All of them there with her as paramedics were called. Fortunately, I had already been en route and made it in time to ride in the ambulance with her. I sat in the waiting room with her for about an hour, and held her in the examining room, comforting her the entire time. And I wanted to!! I would have waited there with her for days if I had to!! Even though it was a trip to the ER, it was still a once cherished memory. Now however, the once cherished memories have turned into painful, and now it just adds to my grief!! 8 months later, she married another dude!! This is now the reality I face every single day!! She avoids me at work, and it’s as if I am invisible. That fucking hurts!!!! This is by leaps and bounds, the worst I’ve ever felt in my entire existence. When as recent as May 14th, she was interacting with affection towards me. Now, it feels like I may as well be dead!! I don’t nor have I ever felt this has been a malicious and deliberate act on her part. I understand that avoiding me is probably what’s easiest for her. But I can’t help but feel like less of a man then I I do presently.


Author: jfranchise87

I'm just an average guy who is always looking to express himself and his creativity. I enjoy writing, I am an avid reader and love to learn new things everyday.

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