“Another Blog Post After Not Sleeping” 

I can’t believe this is the reality I now face!! I’m in a state of grief, bereavement, and longing. I know how pathetic this is, and I understand that I’m holding onto an unhealthy attachment which is in turn causing my suffering!! I hate myself more and more everyday because of it. But this is how I’m feeling. This pain is very real and very draining!! When you see all of your friends and relatives in successful relationships and marriages, and then you finally found that yourself, only to have it all not only go away forever, but just two months later (after breakup) that same person is now married to another man!! It’s the most emasculating, diminishing, and emotionally agonizing experience I’ve ever been through!!!! I don’t know how much longer I can continue to bear this pain……


Author: jfranchise87

I'm just an average guy who is always looking to express himself and his creativity. I enjoy writing, I am an avid reader and love to learn new things everyday.

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